We collected all modern technologies and put them
in one Park.
The VR theme park provides visitors with a complete immersion in a large world full of adrenaline,
excitement and unique experience.
Visitors will have to fly on a spaceship, shoot from a turret, confront crowds of opponents, and explore
abandoned territories.
The big world in combination with high graphics of the VR show allows you to get unforgettable
emotions and experience.
The best VR experience that the customer will
want to buy.

  • 20 VR spots and ten classic
    VR arcade machines
  • Up to ten people playing
    AT the same time
  • First round VR freespace
  • Trade section and
    souvenir shop
  • Food-court for 45
  • Three floors vr
  • Full immersion in the role
    of a spaceship gunner
  • Ten unique VR
    amusement ride at360
  • Rotating on three axis
    on 360 degreeon

What do you expect from the best VR Park?
High attendance
Quick payback
Long duration of show
Deferent attractions
Additional sales
Customer returns
Individual project
Full control system
All of that and more in your future park