Can one operator operate several of the AT360 attractions?
Yes, up to 8
What guarantee/warranty is offered?
One-year included guarantee with possibility to purchase additional options and prolongation.
Which colors are available?
Standard RAL, custom coloring depending on quantity
Is multiplayer available?
Yes! Multiple AT360s possible to integrate together
What safety features does the AT360 have?
7 degrees of safety (SDS), which ensures the safety of the game session from start to finish
Does the plexiglass safety area have to be purchased separately?
What is the attraction made of?
Steel, aluminum, plastic and developed with passion since 2013
Do you have more games in development?
Yes, many surprises await
How much space is needed for an AT360?
Only 86 sq ft. with plexiglass safety barrier
What is the height of the AT360?
The height is around 100 inches
Will I be able to generate revenue with in-game ads and integrated big data?
What parameters are included with the big data purchase?
The detection and recognition of temperature, wearing of face masks, social distancing, the length of queues and gender. We’ll gladly assist you with your specific case
Can big data be purchased separately?
Yes. We’ll help transform your venue into a smart park with the ability to integrate it with other attractions or the park as a whole
Is training included?
Yes, either at your location or in our Jacksonville HQ