How to make your Park unforgettable?
Global battles on the dome ceiling will allow your customers to forget about the outdoor world and spend more time in your park
How do I make learning fun?
Collective immersion in different worlds will not only be beautiful also it can be education. Dive into the Underwater World,
the space world, the Jungle and more on the dome screen.
How do I make events more memorable?
Magic of the night sky, Art installations, Lighting shows. The dome screen allows you to project and broadcast any show to a large audience.


Dome size - then 9,84252Ft to
Number of projectors - 4
Video resolution - to 4K
System Resolution - to 4 Mp
Contrast - 8000:1
Brightness - 8000Lm


Dome size - then 49,2126Ft to
Number of projectors - 2
Video resolution - to 2K
System Resolution - to 2 Mp
Contrast - 2500:1
Brightness - 5000Lm