The future of the VR is already here

We have developed a unique attraction, the first in the world.
AT360 is the best in its class and it has three controllable axes. It can repeat the movement of any vehicle, with high accuracy and speed.

You can use it as Amusement VR ride, Event show maker, Trending simulator, controller on ESports tournaments.

A high-quality show inside will give you a full immersion in the VR.

Three axis of rotation/ 360 degree
Dimensions: 8.2 ft*10.2 ft*8.2 ft*136 Sq.ft
Standard power supply
Electricity consumption - 7,5kvt
Joystick control
Modern VR equipment - Oculus Rift S
Ability to choose the color of the installation
The special effects - Air flow,vibration motors,subwoofer
Warranty period of service and technical term of service - one year

We propose to plunge into the universe in which there are no pink ponies and Mama's sons.
The hard and cruel atmosphere of the planet Black Titanium very well shows the harsh everyday life of the entire universe of this world.
The story of the main character named Sam begins in a spaceship. The crew of the spaceship has already received a combat mission and they are ready to start. It'll be a long day, which one Sem never forget. This is the moment when Sam can prove to all what he is cost.

Fire, Blood, and Metal - so you can briefly describe everything that happens.